Vacuum Sealing, Dry Packaging & Kitting

To compliment our Tape & Reel Center & Stabilization Bakeout service, PDI offers component vacuum sealing and Dry packaging. We stock various types of conductive bags as well as moisture resistant barrier bags for formal dry pack. The moisture resistant bags are required after stabilization bake or for long-term I.C. storage.

Our component kitting services include static dissipative shrink-wrap for an individualized package, perfect for field service upgrades or revision changes.

Our in-house kitting program allows us to custom package programmed integrated circuits, software media, and literature in or on conductive foam. They are then sealed in a conductive shrink-wrap for static protection and durability. Literature and custom labels can be added creating the perfect field service upgrade.

vacuum sealing

Programmable Devices Inc. of Danvers, MA specializes in vacuum sealing, dry packaging and kit processing for electronic components for device distributors, manufacturers and contractors throughout the United States and Europe.

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