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Programmable Devices Inc. celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2013 and continues to add to its history of bringing excellence to the electronics industry through unmatched quality in component programming, semiconductor sourcing and an extensive range of value-added services.

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April 2013

The Quality and Procedures manual is revised and renamed to The Quality Systems Manual. A complete reprint and Rev change to 2.1 is incorporated. Changes include flow chart diagrams and enhanced document control procedures.

February 2013

Programmable Devices announces its 35th year anniversary of evolving Value Added Services serving the electronic industries distributors and manufacturers.

May 2012

Programmable Devices quality management hires an Independent Quality and Document Consultant to review procedures and documentation control. The subsequent Changes in the Quality Manual to Rev 2.0 reflected in a GAP Analysis report are structured toward the ISO registration standard.

February 2011

To support faster programming time and device support Programmable Devices upgraded their BP Microsystems to include a Model # 2610 multi head concurrent programmer.

April 2010

Programmable Devices, Inc. (PDI) upgrades concurrent Programming Systems to the most current level of new device support.

January, 2010

PDI revises its Quality Control & Procedures Manual. The update has been completed listing new services and structuring the manual to the ISO standard.

April 2008

Two significant additions are the in-house ability to inspect semiconductor surfaces at very high resolutions with image capturing, also now featuring the extended service of semiconductor authenticity verification through de-cap levels including a full pictured analysis report.

February 2008

Programmable Devices, Inc., of Danvers, MA, announces the start of their 30th year supporting the value added service area of the electronic industry semiconductor market. For more information contact sales@pdi2000.com.

August 1, 2004

PDI adds the online Interactive Component Search Engine , designed to let them search PDI’s worldwide inventory sources and generate an RFQ on the spot, which is then automatically forwarded to PDI’s professional sales team. For corporate inquiries, customers can now use info@pdi2000.com. Sales inquiries can be directed to sales@pdi2000.com.

March 1, 2004

PDI increases sales force to expand the company’s customer base. PDI President and founder John Puchniak stated, “Satisfying our customers is our prime objective. Adding experienced sales and sourcing professionals is one way we can meet that objective.”

December 1, 2003

PDI relocates to new, larger facility to better meet customer needs. Following the acquisition of the Pioneer Impact Center, PDI management set its sights on the relocation and design of a new corporate facility and production plant. After careful consideration to available layouts and location, management selected 153 Andover Street in Danvers, MA. The new facility is strategically located at the intersections of interstate Routes 1 and 95 and Route 114, just minutes from Route 128 and Boston’s Logan Airport.

April 2, 2003

Programmable Devices announces the acquisition of assets from Pioneer Standards’ Northeast Regional Service Center. The assets include additional automated chip handling equipment. The merge in capacity of the two facilities will substantially increase the output capabilities for both programmable components and tape and reel service.

February 23, 2003

PDI marks its 25th year of service. PDI’s roots date back to the northeast’s Blizzard of ’78. Since then they have diversified to a wide range of value-added services that adapt to their customer’s needs.

May 18th, 2001

PDI completes revision of its Quality and Procedures Manual. Programmable Devices Inc. releases Version 2.0 of its Quality and Procedures Manual. This revision was a collaborative effort from Quality and Operative personal detailing all aspects of the company’s service procedures and a detailed forms section.

October 15, 2000

Programmable Devices, Inc. announces acquisition of Memory & Logic Programming Services. Negotiations have been underway for almost one year between the two independent component programming services to devise an amiable purchase plan whereby PDI would acquire all of the assets and customer base of the Derby, VT based MLPS.

Programmable Devices Inc. of Danvers, MA provides a wide range of value-added services, including semiconductor sourcing, component programming and testing, tape and reel services and more for component distributors, manufacturers and contractors throughout the United States and Europe.

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